War & Peace Tour


Colombia, one of the happiest countries on earth, has been affected globally by its bad reputation for various negative situations such as being a huge drug producer, assassinations of political leaders, and violent conflicts between different armed groups. Today, this has changed quite a bit, and while on this tour, you will understand the causes, the development, and the present days Colombian conflict.

Join us for a real and interactive experience through some remarkable places and scars of the past. Learn about the development of Colombia’s conflict in Bogota that changed our history, its ties to drug cartels and “You know who” behind it and the violence he imposed on the country.

At the end of this experience, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of our political history, the war, it’s key players, Colombian and international drug trades, the peace agreement, and where the country is heading in the near future. Join us on a walk through old and new times!

Meeting Point:

In front of the Museo del Oro (Red Umbrellas by Beyond Colombia!)

Schedule & Duration:

Monday to Friday at 10am (English).  3 Hours




Based on tips!


Monday to Friday (No Weekends)
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