With over 20 years of experience combined in the graffiti scene, Ana a political scientist/street artist and David a former English teacher/graffiti writer bring you the opportunity to learn a few basics on graffiti writing, stencil art, also how to use and create your own tools. If you are looking to go beyond being an spectator, these workshops may be for you.

If what the whole graffiti experience, but not just tour, make sure you ask about the Graffiti and Street art workshops, where you may learn a thing or two about this worldwide phenomenum.



1 to 5 participants :400.000 COP for two hours + materials
Additional participant: 40.000 COP + materials

Average cost of materials per person: 30.000 COP (2 spray cans per person, gloves, mask, ponchos, hydration, cutters, markers, paper, surface, stickers).

After 10 participants the cost of materials would be 25.000 COP per person.

Our Workshops

Graffiti Workshop
You probably have seen those ugly letters on the road, and you have wonder “why are they doing that? What is the meaning of that?” We may have the answer. Take a graffiti-writing workshop.

The Graffiti Workshop is composed of:

  • The Graffiti Workshop is composed of:
  • A small piece of history about how this urban culture got started in some of the United States major cities and how it arrived to Colombia.
  • The reason writing is pertinent for new techniques of illustration and drawing, as well as graphic design, advertising and street art.
  • The introduction to the most basic form of graffiti, tagging.
  •  Sketching and developing your own hand-style.
  •  Basics on how to use the most popular tool for graffiti: the spray paint can.
Stencil Workshop
Have you heard about Banksy? Would you like to know how he does that? Well, we have a workshop for that too.

The Stencil workshop consists of:

  • Beginnings of street art: history, techniques and influences.
  • Preparing our stencil: tools you need.
  • Cutting our stencil: How to do a stencil in small and big format.
  • Painting our stencil: colors and dimensions.
Stickering and Paste ups
Everybody love stickers and paste ups, but not many people know how to make their own stickers. If you have had this in mind, this is your place.

The sticker workshop is composed of

  • History and types of stickers: graffiti writing and street art stickers.
  • How to do sticker using markers, screen-printing and stenciling.
  • Cutting and preparing stickers.
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