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Started in 2011, this half day free walking tour highlights the history, culture and art of Colombia through graffiti and murals. We are ranked #1 on Tripadvisor in the category "Things to do outdoors in Bogotá" and in 2021 we won the Travelers Choice Recognition Award!

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Bogota Graffiti Tour is a platform that has operated since 2011 and was the first street art and graffiti tour in Bogotá. It has made its mission to promote Bogotá’s urban art and its artists to the world and make it more visible. We pride ourselves on supporting our guides, the community and our clients in equal measure in a sustainable and ethical manner.

We continue with our commitment to contribute to the cultural life of the city and to ensure that the message of these local, national and international artists are heard and remembered. We guarantee everyone who experiences our tours will take away a positive impression about how wonderful our country is, a land of contrasts, of struggle, of resistance, its people striving to enjoy a dignified and equitable life.
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