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Started in 2011, this half day free walking tour highlights the history, culture and art of Colombia through graffiti and murals. We are ranked #1 on Tripadvisor in the category "Things to do outdoors in Bogotá" and in 2021 we won the Travelers Choice Recognition Award!

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As a way to broaden the experience and for customers to have the opportunity to spray paint, we have designed spray painting workshops. These are dictated in allied spaces related in one way or another to the local graffiti scene.

The workshops take between 1.5 and 2 hours, during which the participants learn about the different types of sprays and nozzles to create lineart and color fill.

The workshops have a cost that varies depending on the artist. Send us a message at so we can tell you about our to tell you about our guest artists and organize a time and date for the workshop that will work for you.

Our workshops are offered in English and Spanish.

A percentage of our winnings made through the tours and workshops is invested into the creation of projects and support for national and international artists. Your patronage contributes directly to the growth and creation of public urban art. In the last two years we have painted with more than 200 national and 60 international artists.

Learn Stencils with DjLu / Juegasiempre

Learn to use spray paints, stencils.
Includes materials. 
Max 20 people. 

Learn Caligraphy and Lettering with TECK24

Learn to use spray paints, caligraphy, lettering.
Includes materials.
Max 20 people

Learn Graffiti and Lettering with 3MIROo

Learn to use sprays paint and practice techniques for mural painting.
Includes Materials.
Max 20 people.

Learn Characters with Tigers Vibes

Learn Character Design, Spray Painting, and Practice Painting Techniques.
Includes Materials.
Max 20 people.

Learn Graffiti and Lettering with Sowen Graffiti

Learn Spray Painting and Practice Painting Techniques.
Includes Materials.
Max 20 people.

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